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October 31, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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Who says getting dental care for your whole family has to be difficult?family dentist

With how much running around families do nowadays it’s amazing that anyone has time to even take a breath. Of course, even during these busy moments it’s important that you take time out for what really matters: your health (more specifically, your oral health). Having a healthy smile is imperative and the sooner you instill this in your little ones the better. But why choose our Lake Havasu, AZ, dentists for your family’s oral health needs? Here’s why:

  • It will make life more convenient and simple
  • You’ll have a dentist you can trust
  • We have a dental team that knows your detailed medical history and can provide tailored care
  • Save yourself time and money
  • Protect your entire family’s oral health

The purpose of a family dentist is to be able to provide a full range of dental services to children and adults of all ages. This ultimately means that your child can get dental care in the same exact place that you do. As you can imagine, being able to bring your entire family in to see our Lake Havasu family dentists every six months for cleanings and exams rather than visiting different dentists will make your schedule so much easier.

The minute your child turns one year old it’s important that you schedule their first visit with us. The sooner you begin bringing your child to the dentist the better. After all, this gives us the chance to establish rapport and get to know your little ones so that they don’t grow up fearing the dentist. We know that there are adults who don’t get the proper dental care they need to maintain healthy smiles because they are scared of the dentist. Teaching your child early on that there is nothing to fear about coming into the office will ensure that they take a vested interested in maintaining a healthy smile for the long run.

Plus, our dental team also gets the chance to really know your family inside and out. Since we know everything from the medications your child takes to your allergies, we can provide quality and safe dental treatments to cater not only to your needs but also your health. Knowing you are in good hands when you come into our office is important to us.

Have questions about the family dentistry we offer here in Lake Havasu, AZ? Need to schedule appointments for the whole family? Then call Cosmic Kids Dentistry today! Your smile will thank you.