Sometimes Keeping a Tooth Isn't the Best Option
January 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: tooth extractions  

Find out if your child may actually require a tooth extraction.

It was a fun time in your child’s life when they lost their baby teeth. Chances are your little one was excited too (but perhaps they were tooth extractionsmore excited about the Tooth Fairy bringing them a treat). But now that they have permanent teeth you are doing everything you can to ensure that they maintain that healthy smile. Regardless, there will be times where our Lake Havasu City, AZ, pediatric dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.

Why Your Child Might Need a Tooth Extracted

While there is never a good time to discover this, there are certain scenarios in which having a tooth removed is the best option. If your child has teeth that are so terribly decayed or infected that even a root canal can’t improve the tooth, then our Lake Havasu City children’s dentist will need to remove it. Also, if the tooth is broken or fractured so severely that the tooth’s structure is no longer viable and even a dental crown can’t protect it, then the tooth will need to be extracted.

Sometimes, before orthodontic treatment, we will need to remove a tooth prior to getting braces if teeth are so severely crowded that teeth won’t be able to move into the proper position.

Getting a Tooth Extracted

Many parents worry about their child’s anxiety surrounding this procedure, but our goal is to make your child’s procedure as easy as possible. The type of extraction they get will depend on whether the tooth is completely visible and easy to remove. In this case, we can gently extract the tooth with special tools. Don’t worry; a local anesthetic is always used to numb the area fully so your little one won’t feel a thing.

If the tooth is impacted, meaning that it’s still partially under the gums and isn’t fully visible, then we will need to numb the area and then offer some form of sedation to help your child fully relax during their procedure. To calm any fears you may have don’t hesitate to sit down and talk with us about your child’s upcoming treatment.

If you have questions about tooth extractions or if you need to schedule your child’s next routine visit, call Cosmic Kids Dentistry in Lake Havasu City, AZ. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, comfortable and complete dental care for your little ones.