Emergency Dental Care
August 29, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Traumatic dental injuries can happen to people of all ages. Whether an accident, a fall or a sports injury, the primary goal of emergency dental emergencydental care by your Lake Havasu City, AZ family dentist is to save teeth at risk of being lost or to restore them to proper appearance and function. It’s important to seek dental care immediately after an injury to prevent further pain or infection.

About Emergency Dental Care

Chipped teeth are a common dental injury. If the tooth is fractured, chipped or loose, see a doctor immediately. Try to locate any parts of the tooth they may have come off because it may be possible for your Lake Havasu City family dentist to reattach them.

A knocked-out tooth is another instance of the need for emergency dental care. Recover the tooth and clean it off and put it in milk. Get emergency dental treatment immediately. If there is excess bleeding, apply gentle pressure to the gums where the tooth was knocked out. Injuries to the gums and tongues also require emergency dental care. Wash and rinse the area with water if possible and remove debris. If bleeding can’t be controlled within 10 minutes, go to an emergency room.

Ultimately, dental trauma may be prevented by the use of a high-quality mouth guard. It is custom made from a model of the patient’s teeth and is strong and lightweight. They help to reduce the risk of injury and the need for emergency dental care. Preventative care reduces the need for emergency dental care.

Don’t hesitate to call our emergency dental office for all your emergency dental care questions. A Lake Havasu City, AZ family dentist can examine your teeth and resolve your issue. Call us today at 928-855-7717.